Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

2012 Delahaye USA Bella Figura Type 57S

DELAHAYE USA present a new carbon fiber tribute to Jean Bugatti and his elegant Type 57S. Much more than a replica, this artistically stylized, stretched and widened coupe comfortably fits two six-foot-six occupants. While respecting the classic Bugatti look and feel, the Bella Figura is built to modern standards in all other respects, including air conditioning, power brakes, steering, and windows, choice of interior and exterior finishes, and modern affordable engines selected to suit 21st century driving conditions

The BELLA FIGURA Type 57S coupe we will debut in August is a prototype. In November 2011 we will begin manufacturing “production” carbon fiber and composite cars, and there will be numerous improvements in those bodies. We will use high tech VECTORPLY 1708 +/- 45 biaxial weave composite with AOC vinyl ester and polyester resins, BOSTIC fiber reinforced plastic and AIREX BALTEK core materials (in some cases bonded to aluminum). It’s clearly the highest quality composite project we’ve ever been associated with in our twelve year history. We will also begin having aluminum bodies hand hammered for selected customers.

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