Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Audi Avus

The Audi Avus concept from 1991 was never intended to go into production. It was just a vehicle developed by Audi to say: "Look what we can do. And yeah, we can do it whenever we want."

Well it took Audi around 15 years to turn the first mid engined Audi supercar concept into a reality. And even though the Audi R8 is a very different beast to the Avus concept they both share the same unmistakable Audi DNA.

The bodywork of the Avus was constructed almost entirely out of aluminium - a fact Audi was proud to show off - which is why it was left unpainted and instead polished to a mirror shine.

Mounted in the center of the car was a highly advanced W12, 6.0 litre engine which produced 509 horsepower. This power was fed to all four wheels using Audi's quattro AWD system and a 6 speed manual gearbox. Top speed of the Avus was a deeply impressive 210 mph.

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