Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Ducati 6098 R

The Ducati 6098 R is a creation of Daniel Garcia, a Spanish designer and graduate of the Transportation Masters design course at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia.

The 6098 R concept was, unsurprisingly, influenced by the spirit of Ducati superbikes, and as such displays several design cues inspired by the world of motorcycling. The shapes of the front grille and hood panel were designed to emulate the shape of the front wheel guard on motorcycles. The smooth curve of the windshield and pillarless side windows give the impression of a motorcycle helmet's visor. The gold colored multi-spoke wheels are also influenced by the wheels commonly found on Ducati bikes.

One of the challenges when designing the Ducati 6098 R concept was trying to give the car a sense of Italian supercar styling while also trying to keep the car suitably differentiated from Ferrari - after all Ducati is sometimes referred to as the "Ferrari of motorcycles".
The name of the concept refers to the proposed engine size of the concept. This naming system is commonly used by motorcycle manufacturers and Ducati is no exception. The 6098 R is powered by a mid-mounted 6098 cc (6.1 litre) V12.

Dimensions of the Ducati 6098 R concept:
Length: 4450 mm / 175 inches
Wheel base: 2560 mm / 101 inches
Height: 1165 mm / 46 inches
Width: 1900 mm / 75 inches

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