Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Gemballa MIG – U1 Ferrari Enzo

Gemballa has unveiled their latest project on Ferrari Enzo called Gemballa MIG – U1. The Gemballa MIG – U1 Ferrari Enzo comes with a V12 cylinder engine works with an optimised motor management and an especially adjusted exhaust system. This combination allows a performance output of 700 hp (515 kW). The four-pipe system with pneumatic flap control is added to the sports catalyser. The end-pipes are equipped with the typical GEMBALLA heat shield and share the exit into the rear skirt with the exhaust ducts of the rear wheel houses

At the front, the 10×19 inch rims hold high-performance wheels in the dimension 265/35, while the back axle transfers the power of the engine through 13×20 inch rims with 335/30 wheels. In the interior, GEMBALLA devises a control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The especially for the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 designed seats, the custom-made centre console and the sports steering wheel with its leather-ultra suede combination guarantee full control over the car.
Gemballa will produced the Gemballa MIG – U1 limited to only 25 cars. For more information about the Gemballa MIG – U1 and other extensive GEMBALLA refining programme

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